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Institutional Critique

November 3, 2019

Resisting reactions to respond. To speak up. Speak out. Course of politeness. Political whiteness.
Subjected to silence. The subtleties of the “no-response” community violence.

Forced process. Formulaic formalities smother desire to add colour. Soaked sponge clings to
pendulum; momentum beige-washing on repeat in wrinkle-free cycle.

Low risk. No risk. Decision less.


Opaque. Obtuse. Red tape. No use.
Black and white formation: hiding cracks in the foundation. Grey areas broaden thinking yet offered via volunteer sweat equity. Inequality. These spaces lack neutrality.

Wobbly scales balance the books. Taxes taxing on community. Dollars collected to dig up, unearth, and refill. Walking on our change sealed beneath concrete.

Process punishes creativity. Liberty. Solutions futility.

Dissolving solvents lack salinity. Not sweet nor savoury. Tempted by unseasoned hope driven by
fresh perspectives and new ideas. Beat eggs through bureaucratic nonsense. Shells contaminate the batter. Spoiled.

Refresh. Restart. Wring out. Repeat.

Resist initial reactions. Actions. Physics a foe in political settings when looking through the window. Pivot towards self-care. Community love and growing roots. Tend the gardens. Sow the seeds. Mindful leaders listen to respond; encourage others to reclaim themselves to open space for resurgent communities. Rewilding the collective psyche from ‘yes man’ and ‘no maam’ to ‘how



improve ourselves, our environments, our role in this mess?’

Vines topple entitlement climbing higher than skyscrapers. Revealing the cracks in your foundation. Healing your wounds. Regenerating your hearts and minds.


We lift you up. Sky high. Open your eyes.

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November 3, 2019

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